Weekend in Pictures


Running late on images from my weekends here in the city. Here are pictures of my friends visit two weeks ago.

1460097_10153586303065595_1749171223_n 1461702_10153586301725595_689042421_n 1464730_10153586301695595_1030305768_n 1452024_10153586299985595_641199687_n 1453493_10153586298130595_1911259490_n 1454970_10153586294860595_675886408_n 1424526_10153586294210595_303398107_n 1422513_10153586293120595_1859538622_n 1463158_10153586291670595_952189513_n 1240373_10153586288695595_353057656_n 1460241_10153586288440595_1022525618_n 1457573_10153586287190595_1973201246_n 993799_10153586286955595_1908101799_n 946074_10153586286470595_1796914482_n 1453534_10153586285830595_123408807_n 530487_10153586282020595_1834651563_n 1453450_10153586278160595_1176798499_n 1476158_10153586273285595_944127292_n




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