On my walk to work today I stopped by Project: JUICE  and picked up “POTION #10” one of their sweetest green juice options. I am yet to try it, but updates on the flavor soon.


Pressed Juices seem to be all the rage here in the city. Basically, its pulverized fruits and veggies. and my potion #10 includes pineapple, pear, cucumber, kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, ginger, turmeric and lime. This is probably as healthy as I’ll ever get.

I researched pressed juice some more and found out there’s no shortage of retailers here in the city. Some of the places I’m determined to check out are just a stones throw away:

1. Project Juice (50 Post St  San Francisco, CA 94104)


2. Pressed Juicery (3901 24th St  San Francisco, CA 94114)


3. Juice Shop (1994 Union St  San Francisco, CA 94123)


Well.. here goes trying to get healthier! Happy juicing!




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