Why hello there, city by the bay!


New zip code, new friends, new apartment… I’m here! I made it!

From the time I set foot into this wonderful country I have wanted to make my way to San Francisco.. and finally I am here! The end of August brought me some happy news – I was hired as junior interior designer. Where you might ask? well, right in the heart of San Francisco at Marie Fisher Interior Design.

I decided to take the job and on September 25th I flew out to California to follow my dream. It took me all of four days to find myself an awesome roommate, and even ‘awesomer’ apartment 20 minutes away from my new place of work! I’ve only stayed at my apartment for one night (with no bed, might I add) but it seems to be perfect. It is spacious (in comparison to other San Franciscan apartments), has plenty of old Edwardian charm and seems to be in the most convenient location.. aka 20 min walk to work, 5-20 minute walk to some awesome restaurants/ stores/ markets etc. I just might have hit the jackpot.

Soon I will move all my stuff into my new home and start to explore my neighborhood with my adventurous roommate and her suuuuper friendly four legged companion, Bella 🙂

Here are some pictures of my new home & first couple days in the city!


ahh can’t wait to visit the bridge!

photo 4

First lunch at work – a “sushiritto”

photo 1 (1)

This is it!

photo 5

My walk to work 🙂


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